the empty land (empty_land) wrote,
the empty land

i am not especially apt at coping with loss (but then really, who is?). my wonderful friend Andrew passed away sometime between the 5th and 6th of june, since then i have lessened my presence in all areas of my life. now that i've stopped crying at work and my appetite has finally started to come back i feel like i should post and say hi to those of you who i still have around.

Arian, i never properly thanked you for messaging me on aim on the friday when the news of it all went public. thank you, it really means a lot that you'd do that. remember when you and i and Andrew had the three-way? that was so long ago, but it's immediate in my mind.

to those of you on my list who knew Andrew, whether only on message boards or from reading his journal over the years, we were all very lucky to have known him. he was an amazing friend and person. though his struggles were sometimes very hard i am glad to say that when i last spoke to him on the 3rd his life was looking better than it had in a long time.

i will love and miss him forever.

for a few years now, the weakerthans song 'aside' has been the song i have associated with Andrew. and since his life came to an end when he was so much better than he used to be, that is how i will always remember him.

over and out.
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