the empty land (empty_land) wrote,
the empty land

let me set up a story:

last semester i met a girl named Sarah. this semester she and i are in two classes together, we sit together in both of them, i think Sarah is super.

in our Politics of the Body class we had to write a short (5-7 page) paper on a theorist. i had decided relatively early on that i was going to write mine on Donna Haraway. i had told Sarah about it, and as far as i knew she was going to write her paper on either Judith Halberstam or Judith Butler (she evidently has a thing for Judiths...). today i asked her how her paper went, since we had to hand them in last wednesday, and she said it went okay. i asked her who she wrote on, and you know what she told me? Donna-fucking-Haraway. i told her "but Sarah, i TOLD you i was writing on Haraway!" and apparently she forgot.

so i'm overreacting, right? it'll look fine that two people who sit at the back together wrote on the exact same person, right?


over and out.
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