the empty land (empty_land) wrote,
the empty land

i am always so genuinely thrilled to vote. i remember the first time i voted was for a provincial election. i and my grandfather, with me driving, went to the voting station and voted. i was so excited. i had expected line ups, i had expected fireworks, but we went in and came back out almost as fast. each and every time i am preparing to go vote i am prepared for line ups, i'm prepared for fireworks, and each and every time i have been let down.

tonight i voted after class, i didn't get to the polling station until 6pm with only one hour left to vote. i expected line ups because lots of people would be getting off work at that hour, and my anxiety skyrocketed as i prepared to stand in a gymnasium with a bunch of strangers as i reached for the handle of the door. i step inside, handed my card to a woman that told me where to go. the gym was almost empty. no line ups, no fireworks. i was out before the song on my discman even finished playing.

i still feel so lucky to get to vote and i'm always confused about why there aren't line ups. then i realize that not a lot of people feel so excited and lucky as i do.

over and out.
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