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empty_land's Journal

the empty land
a silver mt. zion, accents, ani difranco, anna karenina, aubrey, audre lorde, azure ray, barcelona, battlestar galactica, books, bracelets, bright eyes, built to spill, bunnies, cat power, catch 22, chapped lips, christal, clif bars, cuddling, curb your enthusiasm, dave eggers, denali, disney movies, douglas coupland, eddie izzard, elastica, elliott smith, feminism, firefly, foreign films, frank, fugitive pieces, girls in fishnets, girls with red lips, godspeed you black emperor, grave of the fireflies, hands, helium, hiding, hugging, introversion, irvine welsh, ivan e coyote, jason sho green, jeanette winterson, jeffffff, jeffrey eugenides, jets to brazil, john cameron mitchell, kitties, kurt vonnegut, lali puna, late night telephone conversations, letters, listening, listening to you, long distance friends, long drives, looking at pictures, lovers, luna bars, lush, magnolia electric co., mary timony, meaningful glances, mirah, modest mouse, my bloody valentine, national skyline, neutral milk hotel, nightmares, nina nastasia, not going home, odd numbers, okkervil river, organic food, oscar wilde, other people's art, other people's kids, our lady peace, pain, period movies, piercings, pink juice, pj harvey, promdle, queer theory, reading, reading what you write, red, red nail polish, red shoes, red umbrellas, red wine, regina spektor, running away, sadness, salvador dali, science fiction, seattle, secret santa organizing, sexuality, shannon wright, shearwater, singing along, six feet under, sleater kinney, sleeping, sleeping next to friends, soy lattes, spoons, staying asleep, staying awake, stone butch blues, strawberries in salads, sufjan stevens, sunny day real estate, tattoos, ten, thai yummy, the appleseed cast, the arcade fire, the breakfast club, the cure, the dogs of babel, the female form, the idiot, the kyle board, the l word, the mars trilogy, the passion, the smiths, the weakerthans, trans allies, travelling, vanilla scented things, veganism, vegetables, vegetarianism, voices, warm beds, west 4th, will sheff, women's studies, writing insanity, written on the body, x-files, yann tiersen